Nowadays, in lots of industries, decision makers demand much more detail and clearer reasons why they should choose you over your competitors.

A nicely presented and well written document explaining exactly how using your service will benefit the customer will help to make them feel reassured and confident about using you.  Most companies would benefit from having one but few business owners have the time to put it together.

That’s where I can help.  After an initial meeting and, preferably, a site visit, I can put the template for all your future proposals or quotations together for you to portray your business and your services in the best possible light to prospective customers.  Working together, we can create descriptions and highlight the benefits of everything you do so you can either cut and paste the relevant sections to use in future quotes or use the whole thing to entice the customer to, perhaps, take up some more of your services than the one you are quoting for.

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As this service is very bespoke, I can’t offer a standard price but I would be happy to supply a quotation which would also give you an example of my work in this area.

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