Standing up in front of colleagues, potential clients or other people in your industry is scary

However, knowing you`ve got a carefully planned presentation which is timed to fit your slot well and suit your presentation style can make it a little bit easier.

I can`t stand up there for you but I can put together a presentation that will hold your audience`s attention and convey the message you want to get across. Additionally, I can work with you to help you perfect your presentation delivering technique to help you deal with the nerves and present the sort of image you want to present.

My experience as a secondary school teacher has given me some good presentation writing skills as a vital ingredient in lesson planning is timing and the same can be said for presentations. Many people find they either have too much information to get through and have to rush which means the audience loses lots of the information or they run out and have that horrible awkward sensation of having to waffle to fill time or email.

Making presenting work for you

When I write a presentation for you, I have an initial meeting with you to establish exactly what you want to say and we can talk about how you would feel comfortable presenting it. Reading from a script is never ideal but if that is the only way you can cope then I can write that script for you. If you`d rather have bullet points on cards, I can do that too. As I would write the PowerPoint slides for you anyway, I can craft these in such a way that you speak directly from these if you`re comfortable with that. Whichever method you prefer to use, I can structure the presentation in a pleasing and logical way and make sure the important points stand out.

If you need my help in using your voice effectively in front of an audience, I can do that too. This is a completely bespoke service so I can`t offer a standard price so please enquire and I will give you an initial quote over the phone

Let’s work together!

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