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Try not to die of shock, folks, but guess what?  I went to a beauty event!  Yep, I really did.  I’ve had quite enough of my greasy congested skin and the time is quickly approaching where I’ll have spots and wrinkles at the same time.  That’s not on!

So, through a contact at BNI, I discovered Sarah Hurst Skin and Beauty.  They invited me to a beauty event at the salon.  Being greeted with a glass of prosecco is always a good start and then I was led through to a demonstration of their snazzy skin analysis machine.  This clever device takes pictures of your face far too close up and detailed to be flattering but they are very interesting because they use different lights to show different stuff.  Apparently, my face isn’t as greasy as I thought.  It’s actually a lack of the right type of oils that makes it look the way it does.  I also have a touch of rosacea.  I hadn’t noticed it before but now I look closely and I can see they were right on that one.  Typical Irish drinking type!  The nice beautician lady told me that they use this analysis to recommend products and treatments to benefit even the underlying stuff.  Very fancy.

After that, I was taken through to another pleasant woman who was conducting facials using some kind of zappy electrode thingy.  She told me that this particular gadget used ultrasound to push the products, which were full of vitamins and good stuff, deep into the skin.  It felt a little tiny bit tingly and was all round a nice experience.

The last bit was by far the most unusual for me.  I watched a lady having another electrode looking thing put onto her face and moved around.  The beautician told her that this device was tightening up the muscles of her face to give it a lift.  Admittedly, I was pretty sceptical about this.  It seemed too good to be true that you could do that without knives or injecting anything.  The lady having it done seemed very pleased with the result though.  She kept looking in the mirror and smiling.  I had to have a go.  Looking at my face, the beautician said that I didn’t really have any sagginess to help (nice one!) but she could give me a lip plump.  Again, I was pretty sceptical but she put some gel stuff around my mouth and applied her electrode.  I couldn’t really feel anything but when she’d finished, it did feel like my top lip was a bit bigger.  In the mirror, I could see a tiny difference but nothing dramatic.  I thanked all the nice people there and left.

When I got home, I noticed the lip plump!  I had a bona fide trout pout.  Even the next day when I saw my friend, she said my lips looked bigger.  Well I never.  Apparently, I’d need at least 10 or 12 treatments for it to last longer than a few days and a top up every month or so.  I don’t really need a trout pout so won’t be investing in that one but I do think it’s a great alternative to lip fillers which are a bit weird, let’s face it.  I shall be going back to start a 100 day skin reset (that’s what it’s called) programme to sort out my skin because 25 years of spots is quite enough, thank you.  I shall let you all know how it goes.

posted on 17/06/2017

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