Website Building

It goes without saying that companies need websites nowadays. What people may not realise, however, is the fact that modern websites have to be what is called ‘responsive’ so they can adapt to different devices. If they do not do this then they may look great on a computer but not so good on a smart phone or tablet. They also need to be optimised for search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes a website more attractive to Google and other search engines resulting in them being placed higher in their listings. As potential customers are far more likely to click onto those websites at the top of the list, it is very important that websites rank highly.

I create websites using either the WordPress or Squarespace platforms and templates which are generally liked by Google. They are also responsive so look good on any device. You can choose to add your own photos, I can take them for you or use generic stock pictures to make your website visually appealing.

As a content writer, I can provide SEO friendly copy for the entire site or just a part of it as required.

An example of a website I have built, other than this one, is: