Web Content

Having up-to-date relevant content on your website is a vital ingredient in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This means that, if the text on your website is a decent length and full of keywords related to your industry, Google will place it higher on its listings than other websites which do not have this type of content. The advantage of this is customers are far more likely to click on the websites near the top of the listings on search engines with 97% of users clicking on websites on the first page.

When I write content for websites, I always ensure that it is as SEO friendly as possible without overdoing it to the point where it is no longer appealing to human beings. Ranking highly on Google is all well and good but if people are clicking on to the website but going no further then it is a waste. Good content is essential to grab and hold potential customers’ attention. The longer a visitor to your site spends there the more likely they are to make an enquiry. Therefore, I ensure that content is as engaging and accessible as possible.

Accessibility and clarity are particularly important for technical industries where the benefits of their products or services can be difficult to explain. My experience, knowledge and lack of fear when it comes to these industries means that I can garner an understanding of the products/services and relay this in a clear and concise manner.