Social Media

The trick with social media marketing is not to just bombard people’s feed with updates about your products and services. Interaction is key. However, although everyone would like to spend time chatting with potential customers on Facebook or Twitter, it’s time that is the problem. Another concern for companies who would like to engage in social media marketing is knowing what to post to keep followers interested.

Nowadays, social media posts, whether they are on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn have to be relevant and interesting and/or informative. Pictures or videos of cats just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Working closely with my customers, I can create posts which keep followers interested, portray the company image and promote products or services without becoming a pest.

I can also interact with social media contacts on my customers’ behalf whilst maintaining their company image. The tone and type of communications can be adapted to suit any type of company or industry. My posts, replies, comments can be formal, informal, directed at a wide variety of users or a select few. I always work very closely with customers to find out exactly what they require.