Product Descriptions

Writing effective product descriptions is something of a balancing act. If you go over the top in your exuberance about the product, it will sound disingenuous. However, if your descriptions are too plain, they will be boring and unlikely to encourage people to buy. It is important, therefore, to find out exactly what the potential customers are likely to be looking for and sell the relevant benefits.

As an ex-salesperson myself, I know all about the importance of tapping into customer needs and selling the benefits of a product. That is why, when writing product descriptions, I question my clients thoroughly on what their customers are looking for when they are searching for their products. The tone and style of the descriptions can then be tailored to suit the company image.

For highly technical products, it is doubly important to be very clear about what the product can do for the customer and not overload the description with specifications that people are not likely to understand. The right level of specificity with technical product descriptions is something that I would establish by talking to the client about the target market and how much information they generally require.