About Me


Thanks to my dad running a tyre dealership, I have always been involved in ‘big sweaty industry’ on some level. I later sold truck tyres for Michelin and wrote articles for the oil and gas industry. This, along with my passion for science fiction, gave me an interest in technical topics and a respect for heavy industry.

Although I do have experience in working for a marketing firm, which allowed me to write all kinds of things for a variety of industries, technical topics are my favourite. Over the last year, I have written articles and blog posts on finance, health and beauty, travel, business, automotive, oil and gas production and men’s sexual health (!).

I am also a qualified English teacher with an MA in English and American Studies and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Manchester. Studying and teaching English allowed me to explore the mechanics of the language and how you can affect the reader with various devices such as sentence length, lexical choice and punctuation. Odd and pretentious though that sounds, I have written letters and emails where these techniques have made a real difference to the outcome.