Well-written copy can do so much for a business: creating a good impression, establishing a brand identity or sending a message.

Whether it is a website, blog, press release, brochure, product description, newsletter, internal communication, white paper summary, social media post, email or letter, having it written specifically for your audience and purpose will make it far more likely to produce the results you desire.

For websites it is particularly important to grasp the opportunity that good copy provides. Not only will it often provide the first point of contact for potential customers, it will also affect how your website ranks on search engines. Recently, Google has become increasingly focused on the content of websites and will place websites with substantial and relevant copy higher up on its listings.

You will notice that the phrase ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ did not appear in the previous paragraph. This is due to the fact that jargon is not always wanted and another use for good copy is making technical or industry specific terminology accessible for all. The more technical the industry the clearer the copy needs to be.

Writing for technical industries may be difficult but it is also fascinating. The challenge it presents is one of the most exciting aspects of copywriting which is only made more interesting when it is applied to different mediums and purposes.

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